Columbia Community Business Program

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Columbia Community Business Program

2015–16 Participant Application

Please note that the 2015–16 program is open only to for-profit businesses with annual revenues of at least $150,000 which have been operational for three years. Business must operate in New York City. Preference will be given to businesses located in Upper Manhattan (96th Street and North). Participation is limited to Business Owners and Partners.

DEADLINE: Monday, November 17, 2014 at Noon.

Please submit by e-mail or mail to:

Natalie Moses

Assistant Director, Columbia University-Harlem Small Business Development Center

Columbia Business School

310 Uris Hall, 3022 Broadway

New York, NY 10027  

  1. 212-851-5966

Please note that all applicant information will be kept strictly confidential. If you are selected as a finalist for admission to the program, you will be invited to an interview in late November-early December. You will need to bring your most recent financial statement for review, it will be reviewed and returned to you during the session. No copies will be made.

Please include a copy of your résumé or a summary of your management background and experience
in your application.


Business/Organization Information



Company or Organization Name:

Business Mailing Address:

Business Phone:                                   Mobile Phone:

Email Address:


Most Recent Fiscal Year Revenues:

Date Business Started:                             Number of Permanent Employees:_________________________________________________________________                                                                                                    Number of Employees with annual salaries under $55,113.00:

Please initial the statements below to indicate that you can and will commit to full participation in the program if accepted.

_____  I understand that participating in the Community Business Peer Networking Program involves a com­mitment to attend 8 individualized coaching sessions, 8 small-group coaching sessions and 16 full-group sessions between January 2015 and December 2016.

_____  I understand that I will be asked to provide occasional feedback to the program manager about my satisfaction with the program and its impact on my business or organization.

_____  I understand that if I cannot fulfill the time commitments outlined above, the program administrator may choose to end my participation in the program.

_____  I understand that if I am not the CEO of the company, the CEO must attend the individual coaching sessions with me, if requested by the program manager.

_____  My business is a for-profit venture. I agree to share financial information about the business with the program manager from time to time, as requested with the knowledge that it will remain confidential.

Participant Questions


  1. Please describe your company’s business model, stating your major sources of expenses and revenues and expected profit or loss.
  1. Please describe your company’s competitive environment and market position.
  1. Please describe your three greatest opportunities for business or organizational growth.
  1. What are the three most pressing issues or problems that your business or organization is confronting?
  1. What do you feel are the strengths (personal, entrepreneurial, areas of business knowledge, etc.) you can bring to this program in support of the other participating businesses/organizations?
  1. Please describe how you believe participation in this program will benefit your business.


Please list two business references we may contact to provide a description of your management and leadership style if you are selected as a finalist for admission to the program. The references can be employees, business partners or customers. We recommend that you contact these references ahead of time to let them know that someone from Columbia may be calling for more information in support of your admission to the program:



Company Name:


E-mail Address:

Business Phone:                                     Relationship:



Company Name:


E-mail Address:

Business Phone:                                   Relationship:

I certify that the information provided on this application is true and accurate.

Applicant Signature                                                                               Date

CEO Signature (if not applicant)                                                             Date

Optional Information

The following information is optional but will help the program’s administrators design the educational components of the program. It will not be used for admissions decisions.

Areas of business expertise (please check all that apply):

__ Accounting                         __ Marketing

__ Finance                               __ Internet/Online

__ Legal                                  __ Operations

__ Media Production                __ Other (please specify): ______________

__ Media Relations

__ Management

Please list any business or professional organizations to which you belong:


Educational Background (please check highest level):

__ Technical School

__ College Graduate

__ Graduate/Professional School

__ Some High School

__ High School Graduate

__ Some College

__ Other (please specify): ______________

How did you hear about us?

__ Abyssinian Development Corporation                                   __ Seedco

__ Greater Harlem Chamber of Commerce                                 __ Upper Manhattan Empowerment Zone

__ Harlem Business Alliance                                                     __ Workshop in Business Opportunities (WIBO)

__ New York City Business Solutions                                        __ Women Presidents’ Organization

__ New York City Small Business Services

__ New York Women’s Chamber of Commerce

__ Columbia Business School

__ Columbia Law School’s Nonprofit Organizations/Small Business Clinic

__ Columbia-Harlem Small Business Development Center (SBDC)

__ Other (please specify): ____________________________________

Please submit your completed application to Natalie Moses by e-mail at

Finalists will be contacted regarding admission at the end of November. Applying for this opportunity does not guarantee acceptance into the program.


Message From the NYPD Community Affairs Bureau

Keep Valuables Safe at the Beach

You know you shouldn’t leave your valuables just sitting on the beach blanket, but the water looks so good.  Surely, the stuff will be okay. You can cover it with your towel or keep an eye on it while you’re swimming.  Right?  Wrong!  Crowded beaches can be a hot spot for thieves.

Decide what valuables you can leave at home and what you must have with you.


For more information on all of the programs we offer, or for crime prevention and personal safety tips visit our website:

Northern Manhattan Arts Alliance Event- Uptown Arts Stroll

Calling all Art Lovers!

The Northern Manhattan Arts Alliance is inviting the Central Harlem Community to Open Studios, a showcase of Northern Manhattan artists studios during their creative process. This event is free to the public, for more information on Open Studios details are listed below.



We invite everyone to open studios, an Uptown Arts Stroll tradition, on Sunday, June 22nd from 1:00-6:00pmwhen 25 Northern Manhattan artists will open their studios to the community for an intimate glimpse into their creative process. See for studios from 155th to 218th Street. Open studios are free to the public.

Free bus transportation is provided by ARC XVI Ft. Washington Senior Center. See for the schedule. Look for their blue buses to transport you to open studios.

Open Studios mobile guide is available through iOS devices (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad) through the MustSee app. See to view the guide in your mobile device.

Martin Collins

Uptown Arts Stroll Coordinator

Northern Manhattan Arts Alliance

178 Bennett Avenue

New York, NY 10040